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Men love their country, not because it is great, but because it is their own.

I want to establish physical Facebook lounges in Pakistan’s city (letter to Facebook owner)

Hi Mark,

First i want to say thanks to develop a site like facebook which is so helpful for me atleast to keep myself intouch with my old & new friends 24hrs. Even i am really thankful to you because facebook is best platform for Nation of Pakistan to clear lots of misunderstanding developed by our few corrupt leaders. Facebook is the Platform to interact with each other which we even don’t know. I found lots of old friends through facebook before that we are not intouch since long long time.

Today i am bothering you because i want to make facebook more useful. I have an idea to establish proper physical facebook lounge in Pakistan with your support. That lounge name which i decide is Pakistan’s Facebook Lounge, Inside of that lounge is everything is Green with low sitting arrangement and small kitchen. An LCD displayed inside and only facebook users allowed to enter in that lounge with their userid which they need to enter outside the lounge.

In every big cities of Pakistan we establish these lounges & all these lounges connected with each other. I want to establish these lounges to engage or involve youth of Pakistan in physical activities to do more better work for Pakistan.

Why i want to use Facebook name because Facebook is very famous in youth of Pakistan even in professionals too & As per my opinion through Facebook i can bring revolution in Pakistan to develop it, Grow it & united the nation of Pakistan.

I am waiting for your reply as i am not able to do it alone as facebook is purely yours and always be.

Abid Beli


One response to “I want to establish physical Facebook lounges in Pakistan’s city (letter to Facebook owner)

  1. karachinewspaper December 9, 2009 at 5:33 AM

    Great Idea Abid. I am with you.

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