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UPDATES: Sanghar people effected by Wadera’s Torture

As per our Recent Investigation. Mr. EJAZ MALIK from Shirkat Gah, understand the local and domestic issues of Interior Sindh.

He met the people of the Area & according to his investigations, the bottom line remains that Dur Mohammad Aradeen was kidnapped, brutally tortured and killed Dur Muhammad Aradeen & dumping his body stray.. while some of the murderers are moving free to terrorize other Family`s Associates of Late Dur Muhammad Aradeen & local population (Baradari People).

Its heartening to know 5-Adults & 2-Kids feeding on 5-Nan and 1-Daal Plate. Some kind-hearted members of our Team stepped-up to help them in PRESS-CLUB Camp.They delivered Ration, which includes rice, ata, oil, tea, sugar, and a masala box (Un-Cooked).

We need biscuits, Chips, Nimko & Fruits. We also need to provide them mosquito coils. We urgently need to arrange a Gas Stove for them. We need atleast 2000 Calories/ Adult Person & 1000 Calories/ Kid, to keep them fit & healthy. Plus we need a Doctor attendant to check them weekly.

We also need Old Clothes for Women/ Men & Children (Kindly look in to the pictures & estimate if your old-clothes matches them). http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=260141687844&index=1

We need legal guidance in this regard & its our Plea to Legal fraternity to help us in this Cause to give Justice to Late Dur Muhammad Aradeen`s Family.


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