I own Pakistan

Men love their country, not because it is great, but because it is their own.

Old Memories

In memory of the 90’s, When the most popular games were Chupan Chupai, Baraf Paani, Maram Pitti & King. When the best delights were Polka icecream, Popcorns, Jubilee chochlate & Mictcheles toffee.

When Pepsi was worth Rs.6. In afternoon till evening play games with neighbors & friends without any political or cast difference. Watching 7:30am cartoons before school timing on PTV & 7pm in the evening Ninja turtle, Captain Planet, Thunder Cats on NTM.

When late night show meant Automan, Manimal, Airwolf, Knight rider, When we were nto allowed to watch movies but we managed it anyway . When our best asset was bubble gummers shoes, When getting Rs.50/- eidi meant you were rich. When decisions were made by ‘eeny meeny miney mo’

when the worst nightmares were injections, darkrooms & Qari sahib
When while playing cricket, Rule was ghar main janai ka out and jo marega who laikar ayega. I wish we had a time turner if not then we can make it possible If we try what you say friend?


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