I own Pakistan

Men love their country, not because it is great, but because it is their own.

Baluchistan Issue

Balochistan area 683000 sq km,
Population over 30 million.

19 trillion cubic feet gas, 6 trillion barrel crude oil, larger deposits of chromite & copper in Asia, 92 elements out of 117 found here, Pakistan earns 15.8 million/yr from marbles,

20,000 ton copper/yr, 1.47 ton gold/yr, 2.76 ton silver/yr, Pakistan earns 65 million dollar/yr from Sandik…….

80% population dont have drinking water, 70% population dont have basic health facility, highest child mortality rate in the world, 30% deaths occur due to curable disease, literacy rate only 15%, only 4 universities, more then 10,000 balochs abducted, hundreds are killed every year….

17 billion population of Pakistan dont think what is happening in single part of our country…. what about ther rest area of Pakistan…. where we are focusing? what we are doing? where will be we are in future?

Plzzz ask with yourself and answer… I am still trying to find the answers 😦

Ya Allah give us strength to save our land and people Amee


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