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Eid Celebration with Flood Victims Updates

I Own Pakistan team has decided to spend Eid Day with flood affected people (especially children) We will arrange gifts for them with the support of friends, its our few member decision & we are now inviting all youth groups for that event.

We are going on Second day of EID.

Our Activities Are:
Bath Arrangements for Kids, Men & Women
New Clothes for Kids, Men & Women
Eidi for Kids & Their parents
Mithai for Families
Toys for Kids
Stage With backdrop & Sound system for Games & Different Activities
Lunch for Families

Courtesy by Peoples Action Movements & Logistics Support by Pakistan Rangers

We need Volunteers, If you want to go with us then contact:
Abid Beli 0321-9204942
Altaf Vayani 0333-2328424

Or send email your details at eidwithidp@gmail.com

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One response to “Eid Celebration with Flood Victims Updates

  1. Ali Shaikh September 9, 2010 at 12:12 AM

    JAZAQALLAH, People of Pakistan should share their Joy with 9-Million Shelter Less Children.

    Flood had left them with no Space.

    Aooo Sab milkaye Apna Mustaqbil sanwarain

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