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Stop talking! Take your responsibility to change Pakistan

First we have to be clear ourselves, that the current draconian system in our Country, is halting the Progress & Development of Pakistan. This System cant deliver to serves the interest of our common man. Since, last six decades, the Rich, Strong, incompetent, corrupt & anti people forces are the Rulers Elite of Pakistan. These cruel forces have captured the power corridors & gulped the economical resources of Pakistan. We will never progress unless we step up to challenge this horrible system, based on injustice & inequality.

Our challenges are,
1. Feudal Lords
2. Dictators & their Collaborators
3. Political Opportunists like Convention Leagues & Parliamentarians
4. Corruption in Bureaucracy, Police, Tehsildaars & others
5. Dishonest Former Judiciary ‘‘Legitimizing” Dictators & Constitution’s Abrogates
(So called Law makers)
7. Double standard of education
8. Uneducated & non visionary Economists, planners, financial experts
9. Money Launderers , Mafias (Drugs, Land, Sugar & Flour)
10. Petroleum Gang & Powerful lobby blocking Generation of Energy through Water, Thar Coal, Atom, Sun, Waste, Wind, Waves & Renewable methods
11. World Bank & IMF

Issues which have to focus on it aggressively,
1. Poverty & Hunger
2. Illiteracy
3. Diseases & Impure Water
4. Injustice
5. Corruption
6. Self imposed Energy Crisis
7. Loans
8. Non productive huge State expenses

Which steps we have to take on priority basis,
1. Mass Education with one system
2. Technical, Professional & craft training on large scale
3. Home to Home Cottage Industries
4. Loan Schemes following the method of Noble Prize Winner Dr. Mohammad Younas
5. Land must be limited and all lands should be distributed amongst farmers
6. Equal justice for all right at the door step
7. All of the looted wealth must be brought back to Pakistan
7. Complete elimination of corruption
8. Strict merit–Right man for Right Job
9. Production of Energy through all resources except Oil & Gas
10. No salaries, benefits & plots to the Public Representatives
11. Life ban on the corrupt elements
12. Professionals & Experts with Dedication/honesty must be allowed to run the State Institutions

We must draft a new social contract amongst the following forces to work on three aforementioned steps;
1. Judiciary
2. Media
3. Peoples of Pakistan consist on political Leaders/workers, Professors, Students, Lawyers, Journalists, Peasants & Working Class

6 responses to “Stop talking! Take your responsibility to change Pakistan

  1. Syed Mohsin Ali September 18, 2010 at 11:00 AM

    I believe prioritizing and then setting an order to all these tasks would make the job more understandable. A sequence would interlink the tasks and determine the resources, time and other inputs required for effective results…Just a suggestion.

  2. Yasir Imran September 18, 2010 at 12:58 PM

    That shows your sincerity with Pakistan, great points, I must say Pakistani should take bold steps to make Pakistan better. Can I translate it in Urdu and then publish at my blog with your reference?

  3. Abid Beli September 18, 2010 at 1:46 PM

    Yes why not bhai

  4. Xs September 18, 2010 at 10:30 PM

    Well said, and your heart is definitely in the right place. I also agree with Syed Mohsin Ali (above) about needing to prioritize.

    There are a number of things, which you have correctly identified. The problem is, there is no form of “Rule of the people, by the people” in existence today. Democratic America presently gives no rights and freedom to its citizens, this can be seen in the simple example of ANYONE can be searched and arrested without even a warrant. The “Beyond reasonable doubt” clause has been thrown out of the window since Bush and Obama has done nothing to revert that. Democracy has failed horribly, feel free to pick a country where you think it has worked and I’ll show the other side of the coin. I would have said true communism has failed, but Karl Marx’s communism was never implemented. China and Russia have edited to keep America and the rest at bay, China seems to be succeeding right now, but that form of government is flawed too.

    The problem is that Anti money laundering has not been implemented properly, which is why I only disagree with your point “10. No salaries, benefits & plots to the Public Representatives”
    Give them salaries and benefits and all, the same pays people in the forces get at that level. (Civilians make MUCH more money, so the cheap plots appreciate over time and thus even it out in the long run) BUT If memory serves me, the president is supposed to ONLY be making 40,000 PKR per month. The PM is at about the same figure. Just a little search of where the rest of the money came from will reveal the truth and get us the money back, in accordance with current international law.

    @State expenses: If one takes away the battalion of vehicles that the senior govt officials carry and instead give them all one chopper each, it will actually be cheaper and safer for them.

    @Energy Crisis:
    Pakistan is sitting on a massive source of geothermal energy. The source, if developed would make electricity free, abundant and lasting AND still enough left over to export to half of asia. Of course we would need to stop feeding the Bhutto’s and Sharif’s.

    @Money issues of Pakistan.
    In 1997~8 (roughly) a Canadian Pakistani came to Pakistan and wanted to build a theme park larger than Disney in Jinnah park islamabad at his own cost (with his own partners) all he needed was the government’s permission. Sharif denied it without a bribe. He left and never returned.

    @Money issues in Pakistan.
    In 1996~8 (roughly) a american national came to pakistan did extensive research and proposed to the government a holistic plan which meant investing 500 million usd ~ 1 billion usd (that time) in Baluchistan only to mine its resources which by year 5 would give pakistan (approx) 10 billion per annum. Thanks to Our Feudal lords and the politicians involvement/dependancy on them. That never happened.

    Is the key.
    China needs it.
    Central Asia needs it.
    Russia needs it.
    Afghanistan needs it.

    Pakistan makes a lot of money from it.

    Guess who doesn’t want it.

    Guess why that project has come to a virtual standstill.

    You’ll know why Pakistan is in the state it is today.

  5. Mehwish A.Sattar September 18, 2010 at 11:13 PM

    Yes I am agree! We should stop talking and take responsibility. I am one of the victim of this so called elite class and high society. They can betray anyone with the name of trust and friendship. Dishonesty and injustice are increasing like anything. Rich class are becoming more and more rich day by day while poors are dieing after every second in hunger!! This biased system should change NOW.. change it NOW or it will change NEVER!!

  6. Ali Shaikh September 21, 2010 at 1:50 PM

    time to be united against our IMMORAL and CIVILIAN MONARCH WADERA of PAKISTAN. Whatever they did in Floods and to save their lands they ve sunk the Poor Farmers.

    We need a way forward, we need a solution to get rid of them once and for all.

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