I own Pakistan

Men love their country, not because it is great, but because it is their own.

Jinnah terminal given to UAE First against loan Guarantee


On the 133rd anniversary of our National poet

Every year we celebrate his birthday and sing his praises, but do we pay any heed to his message? To his vision? To his dream? He never wanted the Muslims to live in agony, poverty, chaos and misery. He never dreamed of this. If we are to live under these conditions then why did we struggle for independence in the first place? Why did our ancestors give their lives for a country, where common mass is deprived of even the basic necessities of life and elites continue to live in the extravagance.

This is the time for us to be united and to do some exceptional work. We just need to show that enthusiasm and courage that we showed at the time of independence. On the 133rd anniversary of our National poet and the Thinker of Pakistan, we must realize that we are the ones who achieved this country and we will be the ones who will change the fate of this country. In my opinion, here are the five basics that we should follow:

We should be a disciplined nation.

We should give education the top priority.

We should give equal rights to women in every field of life, as Islam, not maulvi’s religion, has given.

There is a need of renaissance of Islam and we should have a correct and complete understanding of our religion.

We should be united as a nation and we must take a stand when and if something goes wrong. Like the recent floods has given us an opportunity to show our solidarity and humanity.

Love you Chaudhry Shujaat

After price increase in Petroleum Products Nation of Paksitan shout & start protest as well as few Political Parties too but very next day i read Ch Shujaat statment on Newspaper, He said “Govt is helpless but this is not effect to our nation as everyone income is good. In the same newspaper one more news printed Which said that every 4th Pakistani live his/her life under the line of Poverty.

My question, Are our political leaders are blind? When Ch Shujaat or other political leaders pay their utility bills from his own pocket?

Electricity, IMF, Govt & Nation

Today our Foreign affairs officials give assurance IMF to increase 17% on Electricity Tariff, They increase it gradually without ask the nation that what they suffer because of that tariff increase

Our beloved Prime Minister “Mr.Gillani” give approval of 2% Increasing on Electricity tariff without ask cabinet or paliament & they going to announce it today, Ask President & Prime Minister even other Govt officials that they remember when they pay their last utility bills? NO because they never pay it they always take it free

Fouzia Wahab have lots of love & pain for Pakistani Nation thatswhy she again give us precious advice

PM of Pakistan Twitter Parliament (Please VOTE)

Why we forgot everything, Are we all sick minded or irresponsible?

Today in afternoon i watched a news on News channel that in Noshehroferoz someone abuse a 17years old kid then burn him & through him on the street, just a thought comes in my mind that Oh ALLAH where my nation going what they are doing why they are so much aggressive & act like animals even i think animals better then us these days, Everyday we read or watch these kind of news but never take a right step to stop all of this.

Basically we all know that law & order situation is worst now in Pakistan & if you are resourceful or powerful person then nobody even touch you, The same situation happened in Sialkot on 15th August, Very next day of our Independence day yes we are free to do anything any sin as we are not affraid with our laws or law enforcement agencies we know that we can clear ourselves after involving money or our PR. I want to share related to our news media & news agencies that how they break a news then how its come on peak then go behind the screen & we forgot what our leadership said or what our agencies or law enforcement did.

Just read the details & images of different newspaper news below & realize it that what we are doing with our nation even with ourselves. How we forget all incident, What we react after media hipe & why we silent when media keep silent, Are we all dependent on media? We even forget flood relief & rehabilitation work because our media silent now as they have other news to break

On 16th august first day of that news & its comes on inner pages of Newspaper

Then 4days newspapers are silent & On 20th august this news comes on Front page as well as different newschannels

On 21st of Aug CM Panjab & Court take notice & do some action against culprits

On 22nd of Aug Zulfiqar Ali cheema said that its fault of Police but Police & One murderer said that DPO give us free hand to kill them & said that we will show it Encounter

On 23rd Aug CM Panjab, his Brother Nawaz Sharif, Rehman Malik, Pervez elahi give entry in that scene & said that they will punished these people who involved in 2 innocent brothers murder & make them Ebrat ka nishan. We will hang them the same place where they hang these 2 brothers. Jamat e islami as usual make a protest day but nobody noticed that small news that DPO Waqar chauhan is son in law of RPO Rawalpindi

On 24th Aug Muneeb & mughees’s Parents said that they dont trust on Govt inquiry &

On 25th news comes that 4 main characters went abroad & DG Rescue 1122 said that my team is clear but cameraman of one news channel said that Police was there then where i can call?

On 26th of Aug CM Panjab went to murdered brother’s house & did condolence with their parents

On 27th of Aug Police statement comes in the news that they arrest main person Shams as well as other 4 eye witness,

On 28th of Aug all 32 arrested prisoners present in court & on the other side Buter village people protest that all these people are innocent & Muneeb Mughees were docaits.

On 29th of Aug no news

On 30th of Aug investigation team report comes which said that DPO Waqar chauhan is responsible for this whole incident.

31st of Aug No news

Finally on 1st Sept DPO waqar chauhan arrested & present in the special court,

On 2nd Sept Justice Kazim give report that Both brother were not docaits & police involved in their murder, Muneeb & mughees mother said that my sons were innocent so the decision should be the same. DPO Waqar & other 5 police officer were transfered in JAIL

On 3rd Sept Superme court reject police report & ordered that arrest other 4 murderer also ordered to arrest SHO as well

On 4th Sept Investigation committee announced & its bound to give brief report in 14 days.

On 5th Sept news comes that SHO still not arrested

On 6th Sept Committee record statements of more then 80 people including Rescue 1122 team, Buter village people & police said that we done investigation

On 7th Sept ASI arrested

On 8th Sept Chief Justice said that We are not allowed police officers to misguide us or change the case scenario, Means police doing something to save their officers hmm,

On 9th Sept DPO & other police officers bailed rejected by court & last murderer Shafiq (fauji) also arrested.

On 10th Sept Court send 21 killers were sent to Jail on Remand

11th, 12th & 13th Sept no news

On 14th Sept Magistrate did Second postmortem of both brothers but on 15th of Sept news comes that Parents of Mughees & muneeb stopped the team who was doing postmortem & they said that they dont have trust on Medical board team.

On 16th Sept Court again sent 6 police officers with DPO Waqar on Judicial remand & DPO Said that i am innocent & police involved him by pressure of someone

17th, 18th, 19th, 20th No news

On 21st Sept Muneeb & Mughees nephews was injured because of attack by unknown people. They was also a witness of this case.

On 22nd Sept DPO Waqar & other 28 arrested people present on court & court ordered to police to submit chalan today.

23rd, 24th & 25th of Sept No news

On 26th Sept DPO Waqar released on Bail & his father said that my son will released as he is innocent.

27th No news

On 28th Sept Supreme court said that case situation is bad just because of DPO waqar & join investigation team submit report in court that Mughees & Muneeb was murderer & they killed Bilal & Zeeshan, Magistrate also did postmortem today.

On 29th Sept Relatives of Mughees & Muneeb protest on Police report, They said that IG Police want to save their police officers thatswhy they change the report.

30th of Sept no news even till 9th of Oct no news comes on any newspaper all were silent on that issue, On 10th of october

On 10th of Oct A news comes that any tv programme both parties debated with each other. Nothing else

11th, 12th, 13th, 14th of Oct no news

On 15th of Oct Suspended police inspector bail rejected as well as other 9 police officers & Relatives of Mughees & Muneeb said that they dont have trust on investigation.

16th of Oct no news

On 17th of Oct a shocking news comes that IG Police Saleem Khan said Police destroy the whole case, First report which was done by Justice Kazim was correct but police can change anything if situation is not in their control.