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A list of Flood emergency numbers in Sindh

Ministry of Health (SINDH)Karachi 021-99202603

Hyderabad Director General Health services Sindh022-9240106, 022-9240101

Larkana, Ratodero, Dokri, Bakrani: Dr Afzal Hussain Abrho074-9410711, 074-97410327Mobile Phone: 0300-3431562

Ghotki: Dr Altaf Hussain Shah, 0300-3121164Dr Abdul Rauf Kalhorh, 0345-4884215

Matiari, Hala, Saeedabad: Dr Haji Ahmed, 022-2760029, 0301-3589746Dr A Khaliq Ansari, 022-2760012, 0314-2872805

Tando Alayar : Dr Karim Bukhsh Brohi, 0301-3506488

Kashmor, Kandhkot, Tingwani: Dr Abdul Jaleel Bhutto, 0722-5709360722-570930, Mobile Phone: 0333-7300749

Umarkot : Dr Captain Muhammad Soomar: 0346-3471021Sanghar: Dr Muhammad Din Nizamani, 0307-313881Mirpur Khas: Dr Anwar Bhambhro, 0334-2556853

Shikarpur : Dr Shabbir Shaikh, 0333-7272280

Jamshoro : Dr Muhammad Hafiz Arain, 022-3878421 Mobile Phone; 0333-2614083 : Dr Ghulam Murtaza, 022-
3878336Mobile Phone: 0300-3068234

Jacobabad : Dr Wajid Hussain Bhutto, 0333-7344021

Sukkur, Rohri, Pannu Aqil, Saleh Pat : Dr Idrees Memon, 071-9310121, Mobile Phone: 0300-3120269 ;Dr Ayaz 0300-3122489

Mehr, K.N Shah, Johi, Dadu : Dr Ubaid ur Rehman, 025-9200086Mobile Phone: 0300-3275758

Garhi Khair, Thal : Dr Wahid Hussain Bhutto, 0333-7341021

Thatta, Sajawal, Jati, Shah Bandar, Keti Bunder, Kharo chan, Ghora Bari, M sakro, M thoro : Dr Khalid Qureshi, 0298-9201540298-920194, Mobile Phone: 0333-2592692

Badin: Dr Captain Muhammad Yousuf Memon, 0302-3042455Dadu: Dr Ubaid ur Rehman, 0300-3275758

Nowshehra Feroz: Dr Fida Hussain Memon, 0242-448778, 0300-2406463Hyderabad : Dr Iqditar Shaikh022-9200740, 022-920377, 0300-9375759

Tharparker : Dr Bansi Dhar, 0333-2512406Tando Muhammad Khan : Dr Ismail Soomro, 022-33403990345-3666831

Karachi : Dr Shahab Imam, 0321-2435501Khairpur, Kingri, Kot Deji, Subho Dero, Fiaz Ganj, Thari Meer wah,

Gambat and Nara.Dr Imtiaz Hussain Mangi : 0243-9280151, 0243-9280152Mobile Phone; 0300-8314992Qambar, Shahdadkot, Warho, Naseerabad, Meero Khan, Sajawal, Shahdadkot, Qabo Saeed KhanDr
Safiullah Abbasi, 0300-3424140

Chief Minister – Emergency Flood Cell
021- 92202051-5 and 021-99207349-50

Army and Navy relief centers across Sindh

Commander Zulfiqar 0300-2347550, 071-9310444
Commander Zahid 0301-2829419

Major Sadaf 0303-8482923, 0345-5406082

Captain Sarfaraz 0297-861202
Major Usman 0297-861002

Colonel Asif 0346-9237536

Major Ehsan 0322-4171171,

Khair pur:
Colonel Adnan 0300 5547114

Major Bilal 025-9200029-30

Colonel Shahzad: 0342-3045407

Colonel Muhammad Amin 0322-3138665

Shaheed Benazir abad:
Colonel Zia 0333-6955747
Major Aijaz 0333-5621574, 0244-9370334

0298-920063 0298-920060-1

Major Mutahir Yasin 0331-3483935


Board of Revenue/Relief Commissioner

Ghulam Ali Shah Pasha 022-9201305-6
021-99206901, 021-99202630
Mobile: 0301-8251999


Revenue department Hyderabad

Riaz Hussain Soomr
Mobile numbers 0301-3994757 0300-2687239
Landline numbers: 022-9201305-6


Revenue department Sukkar

Rasheed Qazi: 071-5633953

Sultan Ahmed Khosa: Mobile numbers 0333-3560695


National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA)

Director Saleh A Farooqi
Mobile: 0301-8291986


Fayyaz Abbasi 0297-862384

Danish Afzal 0723-651628, 0723-652016
Mobile: 0301-7259697

Abid Salim Qureshi
022-9200976, 022-9200570-1, 022-9200245, 022-9200221
Mobile Phone: 0333-7806869

Pir Buksh Chacharho
025-9200976, 025-9200278, 025-9200249, 025-9200245
Mobile Phone: 0300-3010393


Shahid Leghari
Mobile: 0322-5838955


Aga Suhail Pathan
Mobile: 0300-3561274

Abdul Sattar Somroo
Mobile phone: 0333-2511181

Samar Raza
Mobile phone: 0321-804980


Dr Sanaullah

Altaf Gohar

Zeeshan Javed

Munawwar Ali Mehesar
Mobile phone: 0300-8313403

Tando Alahyaar

Hadi Buksh Kalhoro
Mobile Phone: 0300-7006413

Qambar / Shadad kot

Shaeed Benazir Abad
Irfan Kathio

Nowshehra Feroz
Sikandar Ali Khushk

Tando Muhammad Khan
Ghulam Rasool Soomro
Mobile phone: 0306-3001429

Ministry of Health (SINDH)

Karachi 021-99202603

Director General Health services Sindh
022-9240106, 022-9240101

Larkana, Ratodero, Dokri, Bakrani

Dr Afzal Hussain Abrho
074-9410711, 074-97410327
Mobile Phone: 0300-3431562

Dr Altaf Hussain Shah

Dr Abdul Rauf Kalhorh

Matiari, Hala, Saeedabad
Dr Haji Ahmed

Dr A Khaliq Ansari

Tando Alayar
Dr Karim Bukhsh Brohi

Kashmor, Kandhkot, Tingwani
Dr Abdul Jaleel Bhutto
Mobile Phone: 0333-7300749

Dr Captain Muhammad Soomar

Dr Muhammad Din Nizamani

Mirpur Khas
Dr Anwar Bhambhro

Thatta, Sajawal, Jati, Shah Bandar, Keti Bunder, Kharo chan, Ghora Bari, M sakro, M thoro
Dr Khalid Qureshi
Mobile Phone: 0333-2592692

Dr Shabbir Shaikh

Dr Muhammad Hafiz Arain
Mobile Phone; 0333-2614083

Dr Ghulam Murtaza
Mobile Phone: 0300-3068234

Garhi Khair, Thal
Dr Wahid Hussain Bhutto

Dr Wajid Hussain Bhutto

Sukkur, Rohri, Pannu Aqil, Saleh Pat
Dr Idrees Memon
Mobile Phone: 0300-3120269

Dr Ayaz

Mehr, K.N Shah, Johi, Dadu
Dr Ubaid ur Rehman
Mobile Phone: 0300-3275758

Dr Captain Muhammad Yousuf Memon

Dr Ubaid ur Rehman

Nowshehra Feroz
Dr Fida Hussain Memon
0242-448778, 0300-2406463

Dr Iqditar Shaikh
022-9200740, 022-920377, 0300-9375759

Dr Bansi Dhar

Tando Muhammad Khan
Dr Ismail Soomro

Shaheed Benazirabad, Sukrand, Daulat Pur and Dorh
Dr Ghulam Mujtaba
Mobile Phone: 0300-3215670

Dr Shahab Imam

Khairpur, Kingri, Kot Deji, Subho Dero, Fiaz Ganj, Thari Meer wah, Gambat and Nara.
Dr Imtiaz Hussain Mangi
Mobile Phone; 0300-8314992

Qambar, Shahdadkot, Warho, Naseerabad, Meero Khan, Sajawal, Shahdadkot, Qabo Saeed Khan
Dr Safiullah Abbasi

Peoples Primary Health Care Initiative

Ghulam Ali Soomro

Dr Javed

Mustafa Kamal Tagr

Hamza Shafqat

Dr Najeeb Chachar

Maqsood Ahmed Baloch

Mola Bux Solangi

Nowshehra Feroz
Amanat Ali

Inam Rahim Abro

Tando Muhammad Khan
Abdul Shakoor Shaikh

* Information released by Government of Sindh

Pakistan Flood Incident Reporting System

Devastating floods in Pakistan have claimed over 1600 lives and displaced over 18 million — or 1 out of every 10 people in the country — and the disaster shows no sign of abating. Significant resources are flowing into the region to provide immediate relief. But access to relevant, up-to-date, timely, and authentic data from the affected communities, specifying the hardest-hit areas and precise locations of displacement, remains elusive. These gaps in data gathering disrupt initiatives for immediate assistance and for long-term policy planning. To overcome such gaps, Pakistan Flood Incident Reporting (http://pakrelief.crowdmap.com) was launched immediately after the recent floods. PakRelief CrowdMap, as it is known, is a data portal designed to gather comprehensive and dynamic information on disaster-related variables. The website identifies key information to facilitate better long-term policy analysis.

Because Pakistan enjoys a broad and burgeoning mobile phone user base, mobiles and SMS are the best way to reach large numbers of people. This is especially true in crisis situations where, as in some areas, only cell phone service remains accessible. PakRelief CrowdMap is a direct connection to individuals on the ground level, and allows these individuals to report and access information through easy-to-read maps. PakRelief simplifies this process: individuals in flood-affected regions can report on the current situation by sending an SMS to 3441. Humanitarian organizations and relief workers are also encouraged to submit information, either by using SMS, using the online form at http://pakrelief.crowdmap.com/reports/submit, or by e-mailing the administrators. To verify the reports, a team of administrators review the received information, update it where necessary, and publish it on the CrowdMap. The administrators are a team of collaborators with significant experience in coordinating global disaster situations.

Main components of the portal
This backend of this portal is based on Ushahidi, an open source software developed for tracking spatial-temporal data. Numerous global projects effectively employ Ushahidi’s reliable and easy-to-use technology, including users in Haiti, Nigeria, Gaza, and India. The platform has been used to support a variety of information flows, including disasters, ethnic and political conflicts, and election results. News outlets and media recognize Ushahidi’s invaluable contributions to data organization and filtering. (See
http://www.state.gov/secretary/rm/2010/08/145623.htm and http://www.state.gov/secretary/rm/2010/01/135519.htm).

The development of PakRelief CrowdMap unfolded in three key stages:

Technology: The first stage of development involved acquiring the code and integrating it into an online portal. Because of the rapid response time of the initial organizers, this was completed on 12 August 2010.
Spread the Message: The second stage involves spreading the message throughout affected and assisting communities. Currently, the team is focused on designing campaigns to encourage flood-affected victims to contribute to the CrowdMap. The team also seeks to partner with news agencies and humanitarian organizations to create a comprehensive map.

Moderate and Map Reports: The third stage requires the timely verification of reports to the CrowdMap platform. Moderators, equipped with experience from previous deployments of the platform in Haiti and Kenya, will ensure that this process is efficient, effective, and fool-proof.

How Humanitarian Organizations Can Help
Help us spread the message. The message is simple: text your location and your observations about the disaster to 3441, starting the message with “FL”, so we can map your reports. Disseminate this message through small cards printed in multiple languages, and distribute the cards to local staff, camps, and alongside the supply of food and medicines in the area. Please publicize this message in online, radio, and newspaper campaigns as well.

Submit and use information from the CrowdMap. Humanitarian agencies will undoubtedly observe first-hand the current situation and needs in disaster-affected areas. Please upload these observations and this valuable information on the portal to ensure that all stakeholders and agencies in the area can benefit from cooperation. Humanitarian agencies can also subscribe to the CrowdMap, receiving verified reports to supplement their own information and to send to their staff.

Verify the Reports. Humanitarian organizations can also help our team to moderate the reports submitted to the portal. This collaboration will help avoid misleading reports from tainting the data.

How Individuals Can Help
If you are an individual working in a disaster-affected region, please provide information on your location and its current status as regularly as possible. Even if you are not in the field, your knowledge is valuable! If you are aware of damage done to a certain location, you can report that information through SMS, e-mail, or on the website.

Report Categories
Information on the website is organized and can be submitted to the following categories:
• Water and sanitation
• Health
• Logistics
• Camps
• Shelter
• Protection
• Vital Lines
• Emergency
• Service Available

Some of these categories contain further subdivisions. Browse online at http://pakrelief.crowdmap.com/ for more information.

Key Team Members
The current team members are from following organizations and institutes. The details of the team members will be added on website soon.
• Faisal Chohan. Founder BrightSpyre & Cogilent Solutions. Senior Fellow at TED.
• Patrick Meier. Director of Crisis Mapping and Strategic Partnerships Ushahidi. PhD Candidate at The Fletcher School, Tufts University.
• Jonas Welton. Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy Candidate at The Fletcher School, Tufts University as a Fulbright Scholar.
• Ali Asjad Naqvi. Candidate for PhD in Economics, The New School for Social Research (New York, USA).
• Imad Ahmed. Master of International Business Candidate at The Fletcher School, Tufts University and at HEC School of Management in Paris as a Schmidheiny Global Business Scholar.
• Dr. Awab Alvi. Pakistani dentist, blogger and Fellow at TED.
• Nabiha Syed. Yale Law School, J.D. 2010, Information Society Project Fellow; Marshall Scholar, Oxford University, 2010-2011.
• Dania Khan. Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy Candidate at The Fletcher School, Tufts University as a Fulbright Scholar.
• Maria Hasan. Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy Candidate at The Fletcher School, Tufts University as a Fulbright Scholar.
• Fatima Jafri. Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy Candidate at The Fletcher School, Tufts University and JD Candidate from Columbia Law School.
• Rizwan Ladha. Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy Candidate at The Fletcher School, Tufts University.
• Sabah Khan. Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy Candidate at The Fletcher School, Tufts University.
• Bilal Baloch. Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy Candidate at The Fletcher School, Tufts University.
• Daniyal Noorani. Business Developer, Metabolix Inc.

The project is led and supported by Cogilent Solutions. SMS support and infrastructure for the project is provided by Digitania Pakistan.

Contact Us
Email: pkfloods@brightspyre.com and pkfloods@gmail.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pakfloods.crowdmap
Address: #51, street 36, F 6/1, Islamabad

Small step to remove Poverty from Pakistan

Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime

Today after attending PYR meeting in Maritime museum I was going back home, At shaheed e Millat Road signal a kid came & ask me to clean my car windscreen, I refused, so he went on to other cars, Then again on Korangi road signal another kid came & I refused again. Finally I reached at Shahbaz commercial signal & call a kid who was cleaning windscreens of cars, He cleaned my car wind screen as well as side mirror & back mirror in 1.5Min, I gave him Rs.10 & see a smile on his face, he said shukrya & went on to another car, Suddenly an idea came in my mind that why not, I start something for all those kids who are working on signals & cleaning car mirrors. My home was 6min drive from shahbaz commercial signal & in that time I was just thinking about them that how can I help them or do something good for them, Finally I plan out the whole idea & here is some points of that idea & I believe that if we work on it we will help them in their education & remove their Poverty.

On each & every signal we install a small box for water with surf or any other cleaning material & few vipers. 2 to 3 kids on all signal side with one head guy who collect the money, All these kids should be in nice uniform & they all join their duty at 5 o clock in the evening & till 10 o clock they do their duty. After work, head guy of that team should distribute all money between them.

All these kids should join that team with proper paper work & its necessary for all of them to join schools in morning time & deposit their School card with their guardian NIC copy & head of the team have responsibility to monitor all these kids activities that they are going school or not and if any of them lying or not going school then he/she immediately get fired.

Through that work we can at least try to remove poverty & beggars from the roads of Pakistan. Now how that idea should be implemented, So friends as we all want to do something for our country then lets start work on it we just need to involve our corporate sector as well as individuals who sponsor the whole idea, we give them different roads signal & put the logo of these companies on the water boxes as well as kids uniform. Even we offer Mineral water companies to install their coolers on that particular signal & other kids’ team serve water in afternoon time & charge Rs.1 or Rs.2 for per Glass. Because I want to remove beggary from my nation & give respectable jobs with handsome earning amount.

I know I will receive comments that its against child labour law & my answer is that its better then beggary. If you can remove beggary from my nation with any other idea then you people are welcome.

Waiting for all of you people to start that work as soon as possible & remember we have to own our country then we change the future of Pakistan

Abid Beli
I Own Pakistan
Twitter: abidbeli/
facebook: abidbeli/
Linkedin: abidbeli

The Tale of Two Cities

Lahore, Pakistan …


Dewsbury, United Kingdom…

PAKIstsani Facebook Sponsor’s PAKIstani Car

Our own PAKIstani Social Networking web site Paki.com has sponsored the making of the First Pakistani Smart car.

Ajiel – The First Pakistani Smart car project which is expected to complete next year, is going to participate in the first phase in the Shell Eco Marathon in Malaysia next month.

Here is an introduction to the Ajiel Car

And here is an introduction to Paki.com

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