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On the 133rd anniversary of our National poet

Every year we celebrate his birthday and sing his praises, but do we pay any heed to his message? To his vision? To his dream? He never wanted the Muslims to live in agony, poverty, chaos and misery. He never dreamed of this. If we are to live under these conditions then why did we struggle for independence in the first place? Why did our ancestors give their lives for a country, where common mass is deprived of even the basic necessities of life and elites continue to live in the extravagance.

This is the time for us to be united and to do some exceptional work. We just need to show that enthusiasm and courage that we showed at the time of independence. On the 133rd anniversary of our National poet and the Thinker of Pakistan, we must realize that we are the ones who achieved this country and we will be the ones who will change the fate of this country. In my opinion, here are the five basics that we should follow:

We should be a disciplined nation.

We should give education the top priority.

We should give equal rights to women in every field of life, as Islam, not maulvi’s religion, has given.

There is a need of renaissance of Islam and we should have a correct and complete understanding of our religion.

We should be united as a nation and we must take a stand when and if something goes wrong. Like the recent floods has given us an opportunity to show our solidarity and humanity.


Electricity, IMF, Govt & Nation

Today our Foreign affairs officials give assurance IMF to increase 17% on Electricity Tariff, They increase it gradually without ask the nation that what they suffer because of that tariff increase

Our beloved Prime Minister “Mr.Gillani” give approval of 2% Increasing on Electricity tariff without ask cabinet or paliament & they going to announce it today, Ask President & Prime Minister even other Govt officials that they remember when they pay their last utility bills? NO because they never pay it they always take it free

Fouzia Wahab have lots of love & pain for Pakistani Nation thatswhy she again give us precious advice

Its time to Wakeup my Friends My Nation.

Since a year i am thinking to do something very different & give a strong message to our Govt & our other officials that we are not dumb nation, We just silent because we want peace but now time comes to wakeup to show our strength our power, Consumer Power 3days ago I watched a video of Shahzaman related to Boycott Electricity Bill. After watched that video an idea comes in my mind that why not we all make our videos & upload it on different channel & share it with our friends. We are educated nation & we have to protest in a educated way, Road Block, Destroy our own assets, Burning public properties & tyres is not a solution or the right way of protest.

I request to all of you that make a video through your Camera or Mobile phone, Upload it on youtube or any other video channel with the subject of “Boycott of Electricity bill Nov 2010 against load sheding (Pakistan)”

Remember video length should not be more then 3min & Spread this message as much as you can.

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYKI5FgA%5D

Stop talking! Take your responsibility to change Pakistan

First we have to be clear ourselves, that the current draconian system in our Country, is halting the Progress & Development of Pakistan. This System cant deliver to serves the interest of our common man. Since, last six decades, the Rich, Strong, incompetent, corrupt & anti people forces are the Rulers Elite of Pakistan. These cruel forces have captured the power corridors & gulped the economical resources of Pakistan. We will never progress unless we step up to challenge this horrible system, based on injustice & inequality.

Our challenges are,
1. Feudal Lords
2. Dictators & their Collaborators
3. Political Opportunists like Convention Leagues & Parliamentarians
4. Corruption in Bureaucracy, Police, Tehsildaars & others
5. Dishonest Former Judiciary ‘‘Legitimizing” Dictators & Constitution’s Abrogates
(So called Law makers)
7. Double standard of education
8. Uneducated & non visionary Economists, planners, financial experts
9. Money Launderers , Mafias (Drugs, Land, Sugar & Flour)
10. Petroleum Gang & Powerful lobby blocking Generation of Energy through Water, Thar Coal, Atom, Sun, Waste, Wind, Waves & Renewable methods
11. World Bank & IMF

Issues which have to focus on it aggressively,
1. Poverty & Hunger
2. Illiteracy
3. Diseases & Impure Water
4. Injustice
5. Corruption
6. Self imposed Energy Crisis
7. Loans
8. Non productive huge State expenses

Which steps we have to take on priority basis,
1. Mass Education with one system
2. Technical, Professional & craft training on large scale
3. Home to Home Cottage Industries
4. Loan Schemes following the method of Noble Prize Winner Dr. Mohammad Younas
5. Land must be limited and all lands should be distributed amongst farmers
6. Equal justice for all right at the door step
7. All of the looted wealth must be brought back to Pakistan
7. Complete elimination of corruption
8. Strict merit–Right man for Right Job
9. Production of Energy through all resources except Oil & Gas
10. No salaries, benefits & plots to the Public Representatives
11. Life ban on the corrupt elements
12. Professionals & Experts with Dedication/honesty must be allowed to run the State Institutions

We must draft a new social contract amongst the following forces to work on three aforementioned steps;
1. Judiciary
2. Media
3. Peoples of Pakistan consist on political Leaders/workers, Professors, Students, Lawyers, Journalists, Peasants & Working Class

What you did for Pakistan? What Pakistan did for you?

What you did for Pakistan?

1. If you’re a student and devoted yourself to your studies. Got good grades and achieved your goals as a student, then you’re doing a great service to Pakistan.

2. If you’re doing a job and doing your duties honestly and pro actively to benefit your organization with your skills and/or educational qualifications, then you’re doing excellent service to Pakistan.

3. As a citizen of Pakistan if you voice for your rights and human rights, and watch your leadership to make it difficult for the corrupt people to misuse their authority. If you criticize them when they do illegal things or play with the law and constitution of Pakistan or when they damage the national institutions for their personal needs, then your doing the best service to Pakistan.

What Pakistan did for you?

1. If you get enough opportunities to get good kind of education, medical health, and other facilities then Pakistan has done a lot for you.

2. If you get adequate opportunities to apply your skills or educational qualifications to benefit yourself and your organization, then Pakistan has done a lot for you.

3. If you get enough compensation from your job so that you can easily pay for your rent, utility bills, groceries, clothing, educational expenses for your children, medical expenses for your family, and other important routines, then Pakistan has done great for you.

By Azeem Wyne

Pakistan ka Matlab kya?

Pakistan Ka Matlab Kya?

Roti, kaprra aur dawa
Ghar rehne ko chhota saa
Muft mujhe taleem dila
Mein bhi Musalmaan hoon wallah
Pakistan ka matlab kya
La Ilaha Illalah

Amrika se mang na bheek
Mat kar logon ki tazheek
Rok na jamhoori tehreek
Chhorr na azadi ki rah
Pakistan ka matlab hai kya
La Ilaha Illalah

Khet waderon se le lo
Milen luteron se le lo
Mulk andheron se le lo
Rahe na koi Alijah
Pakistan ka matlab kya
La Ilaha Illalah

Sarhad, Sindh, Baluchistan
Teenon hain Panjab ki jaan
Aur Bangal hai sab ki aan
Aai na un ke lab par aah
Pakistan ka matlab kya
La Ilaha Illalah

Baat yehi hai bunyadi
Ghasib ki ho barbadi
Haq kehte hain haq agah
Pakistan ka matlab kya
La Ilaha Illalah

By Azeem Wyne