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PM of Pakistan Twitter Parliament (Please VOTE)


Imran Khan – Main Pakistani Hun!

Insaf Graduate Forum – a Karachi based consortium of individuals carrying a multi-facet profile of university graduates and young professionals, is holding an energetic seminar titled “Main Pakistani Hun”.

Imran Khan – Politician and former cricket legend, a personality who doesn’t require any prefacing will be the chief guest and the sole speaker for this event.

The purpose of this seminar is to let the youth of Pakistan know the vital depressions our country is going through and entice them to realize their role, hovering as an obligation to be fulfilled instantaneously.

We are enthusiastically looking forward to see a significant rather impressive participation from the profile whom we are targeting. Join hands to reflect your untainted patriotism and zeal towards your homeland.

Date: Friday, June 18, 2010
Time: 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Location:Bahria Auditorium
Street: Karsaz
City/Town: Karachi, Pakistan

Flag Campaign Update 06.05.2010

As you know we did our meeting, about our Flag campaign on 1st May 2010. We took few decision after our discussion, for which we decided that before starting our Official Campaign, we need to get official permission from Govt. So the good news is we have now received permission from CDGK to start our compaign in Karachi city.

To Start Our Campaign, we will put Pakistani flags on 5 different bridges of Karachi on Monday 10th of May, 2010. After our First Phase we will launch our proper campaign all over Pakistan & spread that event through online & offline marketing tools as well as tv media & print media.

We will also change the name of this event from “Make this year 14th August Celebration Historical” to “Re:Flag your Patriotism in Pakistan” & Our Slogan is “Back to our roots”

Through This campaign we are trying to unite our nation because we need to first unite every one to solve our all problems.

Hope that you all join hand with us to flying the Flag on each single roof of Pakistan & show the world that We love our country & we solve our problems by our ownself.

Make this year 14th August celebration historical

Mumbai, The Eve of 1920, Gandhi recognized Muhammad Ali Jinnah as the leader of Minority & said the Struggle for Independence should be made on Spiritual Content. Where Muhammad Ali Jinnah always supported the Legal way to Independence by showing Democratic struggle in acheiving a Soveriegn Country.

Quaid-e-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan, hoisted our First Flag the Flag which contains the Crest & Star as the Legal Independence of our Today Pakistan. our flag is been raised High as far as Mount Godwin Austin & the Highest Peak Mount Everest by our Brave Comrades.

It was hoisted when we won our First Olympic Hockey Medal & when we won our First Limited International Worldcup, & last year when we won the T20 Championship. To remark our Half a Century Glory lets us Celebrate our INDEPENDENCE, Our Indepence from an un-educated & un-civilized society to a Civilized & educated Society. A Country where there are no-extremes, where our waters are independant to flow in our Rivers where our land is freed from the un-educated Extremists.

Let us Celebrate our Indepence, & celebrate our Indepence by HOISTING our NATIONAL FLAG on top of every House, Building, Appartments, Shops & other Structure, to remind our common Pakistanis, that how we ve yearned our INDEPENCE. & till 14th August lets show the Spirit & strength to HOIST the Pakistani Flag in All corners of Pakistan.

Let us DREAM the DREAM of PAKISTAN, by Standing with the Flag of our FOREFATHERS (The Crest & Star). If you want then i can provide your flag. Join us on facebook http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=45474071672&ref=search&sid=809095108.189834513..1

Old Memories

In memory of the 90’s, When the most popular games were Chupan Chupai, Baraf Paani, Maram Pitti & King. When the best delights were Polka icecream, Popcorns, Jubilee chochlate & Mictcheles toffee.

When Pepsi was worth Rs.6. In afternoon till evening play games with neighbors & friends without any political or cast difference. Watching 7:30am cartoons before school timing on PTV & 7pm in the evening Ninja turtle, Captain Planet, Thunder Cats on NTM.

When late night show meant Automan, Manimal, Airwolf, Knight rider, When we were nto allowed to watch movies but we managed it anyway . When our best asset was bubble gummers shoes, When getting Rs.50/- eidi meant you were rich. When decisions were made by ‘eeny meeny miney mo’

when the worst nightmares were injections, darkrooms & Qari sahib
When while playing cricket, Rule was ghar main janai ka out and jo marega who laikar ayega. I wish we had a time turner if not then we can make it possible If we try what you say friend?