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Jinnah terminal given to UAE First against loan Guarantee


On the 133rd anniversary of our National poet

Every year we celebrate his birthday and sing his praises, but do we pay any heed to his message? To his vision? To his dream? He never wanted the Muslims to live in agony, poverty, chaos and misery. He never dreamed of this. If we are to live under these conditions then why did we struggle for independence in the first place? Why did our ancestors give their lives for a country, where common mass is deprived of even the basic necessities of life and elites continue to live in the extravagance.

This is the time for us to be united and to do some exceptional work. We just need to show that enthusiasm and courage that we showed at the time of independence. On the 133rd anniversary of our National poet and the Thinker of Pakistan, we must realize that we are the ones who achieved this country and we will be the ones who will change the fate of this country. In my opinion, here are the five basics that we should follow:

We should be a disciplined nation.

We should give education the top priority.

We should give equal rights to women in every field of life, as Islam, not maulvi’s religion, has given.

There is a need of renaissance of Islam and we should have a correct and complete understanding of our religion.

We should be united as a nation and we must take a stand when and if something goes wrong. Like the recent floods has given us an opportunity to show our solidarity and humanity.

Love you Chaudhry Shujaat

After price increase in Petroleum Products Nation of Paksitan shout & start protest as well as few Political Parties too but very next day i read Ch Shujaat statment on Newspaper, He said “Govt is helpless but this is not effect to our nation as everyone income is good. In the same newspaper one more news printed Which said that every 4th Pakistani live his/her life under the line of Poverty.

My question, Are our political leaders are blind? When Ch Shujaat or other political leaders pay their utility bills from his own pocket?

PM of Pakistan Twitter Parliament (Please VOTE)

Ye Hai Mera Pakistan

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